What it means to be a Co-op

Back in the Edinburgh of 1977, when there were so few bike shops you’d have to book your repairs several months in advance, 3 bike nuts named Gerry, Chris and Morag came together to start a workers’ co-operative.

They believed that being a workers’ cooperative was a fairer, better way of doing things. Instead of working to line the pockets of a corporate fat-cat, they thought it would be better to build a company where the workers had an equal say in the business, and profits would be shared equally among the employees.

Our philosophy is to run the kind of shops that we want to shop in.

40 years on, the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative has grown so we now employ over 100 people, and not just in Edinburgh but also in our Aberdeen, Newcastle and Leeds shops too. After working with us for a year, every employee is invited to become a member of the Co-op with an equal share in the business, and a vote at our AGM. What that means is that we’re all in it together – and that makes it a great place to be.

The most trusted bicycle retailer in Britain

Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative in 1985

The Bike Co-op in 1985.

Aside from looking after each other, we want to be the most trusted bicycle retailer in the UK. For us this means providing our customers with brilliant service and fantastic products; We aim to offer the richest selection of bicycles and equipment from the most interesting brands in cycling, so that we can cover every cyclists’ needs – whether you’re an enthusiast or a complete beginner, a downhill racer or a Brompton commuter.

We also offer prices that are as competitive as we can manage without interfering with the quality of the Cooperative experience. We want to build a relationship with you, and we try to offer the lowest prices that allow us to hire the knowledgeable and experienced staff that you deserve to interact with.

At its heart, our philosophy is to run the kind of shops that we want to shop in – and we hope that you do too!

Faff-Free Returns

We always try and do right by our customers, and we hope that they’ll try and do right by us. That’s why we offer 100% faff-free returns. If you think it’s broken, or not working as well as it should, or maybe if you’ve just changed your mind, then you can bring it back.

You can also choose to put your name against anything you buy from us, which means you’ll never have to hunt down your receipt – all you need is your email address and postcode. It also means that if you buy something in one of the shops but want to return it online, or vice versa, you can.

And if your bike gets stolen – God forbid! – the fact that we log your bike’s frame number will come in handy when you report it to the police.