1st July 2018

We have the only Demo Brompton Electric in Scotland

Brompton Electric Bike

We are extremely proud and chuffed to announce that Brompton have chosen our Canonmills store to be one of the first bike shops in Britain where you can view and try out the all-new Brompton Electric.

If you’re interested in being one of the first people to actually own a Brompton Electric, you have an opportunity to check out this folding e-bike in the best environment – a Brompton-savvy bike shop, right in the heart of Edinburgh.

brompton electric bike

Brompton Electric Bike


If you are at all e-Brompton curious, simply pop into our Canonmills shop any time to ask us about this amazing machine. Shop location and opening hours.

When you visit the shop, feel free to request a 15 minute test ride on the Brompton Electric. Just remember to bring along photo id and a bank card.

Brompton Electric Bike

Take a Brompton Electric Bike for a free demo

If you enjoy the near-effortless experience of riding a Brompton Electric as much as we think you will, you can buy it through us. Then you just need to sit tight and wait for it to arrive… but boy oh boy, it’ll be worth the wait!

brompton electric bike charging

Why the Brompton Electric is a big deal

Brompton have been researching options for electrifying their famous folding bike for the past dozen years.

Every existing e-bike system was found wanting so Brompton made the bold decision to team up with Williams Advanced Engineering (the Formula One people).

The result is an e-Brompton whose beautifully integrated front wheel drive motor makes cycling comparatively effort free, without compromising the speed and ease of the legendary Brompton fold.

Do you live in a flat?

Brompton Electric BikeIn a world where most e-bikes weigh around 25kg, the Brompton Electric stands out for being comparatively lightweight (around 17kg). This makes the Brompton Electric a far more viable e-bike if you have to carry it up stairs. Better still, the integrated battery and front bag (which account for three of these 17 kilos) can be unclipped in a second and carried on your shoulder to make the bike even easier to lift.

The ultimate city e-bike?

Brompton Electric Bike

Fast fold, compact storage and lighter weight make it compatible with public transport

Famed for its fast fold, which enables compact storage and integration with public transport, a Brompton folding bike has always been about making city cycling easier. See our guide to Brompton Bikes.

Creating an e-Brompton with smooth, sophisticated power assist could be a game changer – especially for people who had previously looked upon cycling as too much like hard work. Know anyone like that? Suggest they pop down to Canonmills to experience the Brompton Electric for themselves.

Key features

  • Custom-developed 250W front hub motor giving an extremely high performance-to-weight output
  • Bike still folds to the same size as a non-electric Brompton
  • To aid portability, the battery can be carried separately, integrating neatly into a shoulder bag
  • Battery features intuitive user interface and USB charging port for mobile devices
  • All Brompton Electric bikes come with the standard battery bag (1.5L), however, there is an additional option to buy a commuter bag (20L), which can store your larger items, e.g. a laptop
  • Smooth ride thanks to the smart, integrated torque and cadence sensor


Depending on the specifications you select, such as handlebar style and tyre brand, Brompton inform us the price of these bikes will range from £2,595 to £2,755.


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3 comments on “We have the only Demo Brompton Electric in Scotland

  1. Graham on

    Apart from the price this ticks all my boxes. Hope to go down this route when I start my new job which involves a 7 mile commute up and down hills. Theory is I’ll still take some exercise to burn of the vast bulk attributed to years of slovenly living but not be an anti social sweaty mess when I get to work. I can always give it more on the way home.


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