Free Fitting


Say you want your new bike ready-fitted with a computer and mudguards and you would also like a helmet supplied. Simply add the accessories to your order as follows.

1. Put the bike & accessories in your shopping basket.

Free fitting from the Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative


2. Click the ‘Checkout Now’ button. Add your contact details and then proceed to the next screen to choose your delivery options. Click ‘Continue to Payment’ to complete your payment details. Press the ‘Continue’ button to review your order.


3. On the Review Order screen use the ‘Is there anything extra we need to know?’ to indicate which items you would like fitted to the bike.

Free fitting from the Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative



4. Submit your order and we’ll do the rest.

Of course there are a huge number of items you could choose to purchase along with your bike, from mudguards and computers (as shown in this example) to locks, lights, and racks, the list is endless.

And please don’t worry about compatibility – we’ll let you know if anything you’ve chosen is unsuitable – all part of the service!